Elevate Your Celebrations at V Legacy, a Premier Wedding Venue in Bangalore

Experience the epitome of elegance at V Legacy, one of Bangalore's best banquet halls. Our carefully designed marriage halls, V Legacy and Aura, offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and luxury for grand wedding events. Explore these exquisite venues for an unforgettable celebration in Bangalore.

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Grand Banquet hall at V legacy - Banquet hall near me
Grand Legacy hall

Host Grand Events for 2000+ Guests in Contemporary Elegance.
Discover the Perfect Blend of Size, Grandeur, and Modern Style.

AURA a cozy hall

Aura at V Legacy Convention Center, Bangalore: Hosts 1000+ Floating Crowd in a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere. Experience Elegant Wood and Floral Décor for a Truly Inviting Ambiance.

Our Lush Lawns

Ideal Outdoor Venue for Events and Parties.
Immerse Yourself in the Tranquil Greenery, Creating a Resort-Like Atmosphere for Unforgettable Outdoor Celebrations.

V Legacy Convention Center - Exquisite Event Venue with VIP Lounge
V Legacy VIP Lounge

Elevate Your VIP Experience in Luxurious High Gloss Marble Interiors.
An Exclusive Retreat Offering Isolation from the Crowd for an Unparalleled Experience.

Captivating Moments: V Legacy Banquet Hall Gallery

Immerse yourself in the allure of V Legacy Banquet Hall through our curated gallery. Witness the beauty of stunning events, elegant décor, and unforgettable celebrations. Explore more by visiting our dedicated Gallery page for a visual journey that inspires. Elevate your event aspirations with the enchanting experiences captured in every image.